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Nichole  Speziale

Nichole Speziale

Client Service Specialist

Family is the start of how we define ourselves, our world, and our values. The experiences and interactions with our families produce the foundation from which we grow. As a child, Nichole’s grandpa was her best friend, who taught her the importance of always putting your best foot forward by applying care and effort into everything. When she was the age of thirteen, he unexpectedly suffered a stroke and passed away. Seeing the ways in which the healthcare staff and everyone involved handled her grandfather’s last moments with such deep compassion meant the absolute world to Nichole. This pivotal moment sparked her passion for wanting to use the care he taught her to give to others by assisting those who are going through their most challenging moments.

After Speziale earned her Bachelors in Health Science and a Minor in Psychology from CSU Channel Islands, she entered Plan Alpha Wealth Design (PAWD) as a client service specialist to indulge in her passion for helping others, while bringing a multifaceted perspective to the human being. Prior to PAWD, Nichole was a peer health educator for CSU Channel Islands, where she specialized in financial wellness by providing ongoing workshops and resources to students in need.

Nichole helps individuals to create balance within the various dimensions of wellness that constitutes one's overall health and prosperity. With financial wellness being an area that causes deep stressors in one's life, it is no surprise that there is no one size fits all when it comes to the unique circumstances of each individual. This is why Nichole supports the emphasis that PAWD places on considering all the distinct factors and motivations that affect each person's financial needs. She is committed to delivering meaningful and understanding interactions with clients as they navigate the financial world. When Nichole is not keeping busy with clients, you can find her tending to her plants, exploring the great outdoors, reading, and cooking.