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Derrick Nguyen

Derrick Nguyen

Financial Planner

Derrick Nguyen is a Private Wealth Advisor with Plan Alpha Wealth Design, a comprehensive financial planning firm.

The team designs and implements wealth management plans our clients need to live their dreams. Nguyen's passion and commitment are serving families and business owners' desires to achieve their financial aims by means of high-quality comprehensive financial planning. He is committed to providing his clients with professional competence, reliant communication, integrity, and meaningful understanding.

Nguyen began working in financial services in 2013 as an intern for Lincoln Financial Advisors in Irvine, California. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Finance Degree, and an Emphasis in Financial Planning, in 2014. He started his career as a Private Wealth Advisor shortly after graduation.

Client Centered

Derrick's Why:

"Growing up in a big family, I felt a purpose in serving those around me and putting family first. My values have guided me in the toughest of times and are the foundation of my family and financial planning practice.

My parents immigrated from Vietnam in the early ’80s and settled in Southern California. I am the eldest of three brothers and my parents were a combination of traditionalists and progressives; they allowed us to dream and pursue our hobbies and career choices, but also instilled a work ethic. Being raised in a multicultural environment allowed us to appreciate the differences and similarities of cultures.

The recession in 2008 impacted my family on various fronts and it was the first time I experienced financial stress, especially the emotional impact it had on my parents. Going back to my values and, of course, being the eldest brother, I wanted to relieve this immaterial pain my family started enduring.

For me, I eventually gritted through the next 6 years earning a bachelor’s degree, working several restaurant jobs (even managing a restaurant), and was lucky enough to meet Emily, who twelve years later is my wife.

Looking back I will tell you, it was not easy. There were many days that I wanted to just stop and take a break; never to quit but I did get close."

Client Centered

"The most significant reason why I chose Lincoln Financial Advisors as my firm to serve as not only my internship, but also my career, was due to the amazing people working within it. Everyone demonstrated high character, reflected old-fashion standards and work ethic, and continuously challenged themselves towards growth. I knew I was in the right place and business. It’s not hard to imagine, but the leadership and stability that the LFA represented, shaped me into the man I am today. I am proud to say that I reflect the leadership and world-class efforts that this firm stands by.

Fast forward to now, the Year 2022, almost 10 years later after stepping into my interview, I am still here. Head high, heart full, and skilled to help my clients create financial value for their lives. I could not have done it without the challenges I experienced, the opportunity that LFA provided, and the clients who I have a relationship with.

I am proud to say that I can now present the financial value that I have created through Plan Alpha Wealth Design."